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Early civilization discovered advantages of spit roasting & still today it is a popular method of cooking offering taste truly hard to beat. Our hog roasting machines bring this timeless cooking method into the 21st Century with startling results.

With ever increasing trends towards healthy eating our machines would be an obvious choice. The Hogg Boss is totally portable & can be transported to events and occasions with little effort. The Hogg Boss is a CE certified product & has been carefully developed by our experienced and dedicated design team with a specific eye for detail & extensive knowledge in the manufacture of this type of catering equipment.

Our hog roasting equipment and other products are designed and manufactured at our Works in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside and offer outstanding quality, reliability, performance and visual appeal that is unmatched. Our products are developed using the most up to date design and manufacturing techniques, inclusive of CAD and Fibre Laser cutting.


We aim to ensure that our products and equipment are of an unparalleled quality, only when our products have been extensively tried and tested are they released into the market place. We constantly monitor our products and manufacturing techniques and leave no avenues unexplored in our pursuit of excellence.



The Hogg Boss Machines Class of their own

The Hogg Boss Machines are in a class of their own

They are the first choice for Caterer, Hotelier, Publican and Restaurateur alike. We pride ourselves on the quality of the Hogg Boss Hog Roast Machine, only the finest materials and components are used. Our Hog Roast Machines have received overwhelming satisfaction from a huge variety of  customers, many of which are now returning to us for their 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Hog Roast Machine, their locations ranging from the far north of Scotland to the Southern tip of Cornwall, also Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, France, Spain and Switzerland. We have supplied our machines to many high profile, professional companies specialising in catering for the masses and also celebrities, we also look after the equipment needs of some large wedding venue and event organisations, they all depend on a high level of quality and reliability, one of these companies in particular are cooking 1250 pigs a year at just one of their 20 venues, in each of their venues, one of our Hogg Boss machines can be found. The total amount of Hogs cooked by the group as a whole each year must be staggering, all with out any hitches! Hows that for performance and reliability?  Dependable time and time again, that's the Hogg Boss.  

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Things of interest: 1st September 2011 Peake products enabled The White Hart at Welwyn Garden City to cook The worlds Largest Cottage Pie, write up and pics.
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The Big Roast at Leadenhall Market, London

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As Seen On TV

Our Hog Roast Machines have made many television appearances over the last few years, to mention but a few, The F Word, Monty Hall’s Great Escapes and recently Corrigan’s City Farm on the Irish TV network.